Welcome to your perfect shelter in Crete!

For more than twenty years, with the hospitality and personal care of our family we help you have unforgettable holidays in Crete. In a beautiful-clean and carefully looked after environment, you can relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the nature.

“GOLDEN SUN” hotel offers a variety of accommodation depending on your financial abilities or needs. Rooms, apartments and Studios in an absolutely green environment, with a unique view to the sea, which provide all the necessary facilities, like air condition, fridge, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, private balcony, spacious parking and children’s playground.

We have maisonettes, carefully designed and built, using our own local-solid stone which is not only strong and perfectly matching with the environment, but it also works as a nature insulation matching to the whole construction which is admired and photographed by all the parsers-by.

Our studios also have private balcony, air-condition and whatever is necessary for a couple to have comfortable-relaxing holidays. All the construction materials like stone and wood have become from the area. The choice of them and the buildings technique was made by an experienced, talented builder, so that they match with the landscape in an amazing harmony.

The furniture is in traditional Cretan style. The tableclothes which decorate the rooms are handmade women ones from Mrs Androniki. Some of the embroidered ones are made by her mother. The natural scent of the wood inside combined with the wild beauty of the stone, wake up all the sensations and send you to different (old) times.

No matter which apartment, studio or room you choose, it is sure that you will enjoy peaceful relaxing holidays in a quiet family environment of (endless) beauty and friendliness.