Falassarna beach is considered to be one of the best in Crete, with fine white sand extending in many kilometers. In some places there are small pebbles for those who do not prefer sandy beaches. As it is located in the west of Crete the unique sunsets can form charming bright orange-red and violet colours in the sky a scene that only the nature here can create.

The area has mild climate all year round, which means that you can adapt your holiday schedule according to your professional needs and enjoy unforgettable charming days in peace and beauty with action and adventure according your character, your company and your desires.

Since very early in spring when nature is beginning to reveal its desire to bring out new rare absolutely regional plants, until late in Autumn, you can see the harvesting of the olives and how the rich in flavour virgin olive oil is made. You can also see how the excellent, famous since the ancient years Kissamos wine is made.

The temperatures of the sea water allow swimming throughout all the year. That’ s why our apartments and studios are properly equipped for the winter time too, providing fireplace and hot water. The prices during winter time are lowered and we also have interesting offers which you should take into account.

For those who have photography as a hobby or prefer a light sport activity the hills around and the plain are offered for trekking and walking. Because of the sea currents and the waves, you can also enjoy windsurfing. For those who are more adventures and want to raise their adrenaline at high levels, there is special stand for paragliding very close to our hotel. If you want more information you can find in the following site: http://chania-paragliding.gr.

What is really impressive is the fact that the traditions of our people are kept not only strong but are also continuously replaced by new ones, because the inhabitants of this area are by nature sociable, hospitable and fun-lovers. So, no matter when you are on holiday, you can experience, enjoy yourselves and taste with their habitants, the local dishes and plenty of wine at the fairs and local celebration which usually take place during the night time, in pictures beautiful places of our valley and on the mountains which are surrounding it.

Therefore, we suggest you ask for information daily from the reception, about these especially attractive celebrations, so that you will have the chance to hear the sounds of the Cretan Lyra through the fresh night and try the local dances.

In very short walking distance from “GOLDEN SUN” hotel, you can visit the ancient port of Falassarna where you can see what the archaeologists have discovered so far, as the excavations are still carried on.

Platanos is the nearest village, where you can find almost everything (including a pharmacy). However if you want to visit the town of Kissamos (Kassteli) which is just a few minutes by car, you can buy everything from the shops and the big supermarkets. There as well as visit the archaeological museum of the city and other interesting sights. The centre of the town haw still kept its traditional style, with the classic Cretan shops and "cafenion" (cafes). The archaeological museum haw a great variety of remarkable, worth seeing exhibits from Kissamos – Polirinia - Falassarna e.t.c. At Kissamos seaside you can enjoy your coffee or a cool “tsikoudia” (raki), in one of the bars or cafes there.

In our hotel you will also find children’s playground, where your kids can freely themselves playing, while the older ones can enjoy a refreshments under the shadow of the trees.

There are also daily excursions and visits to a lot of interesting places like the cruises to the Venetian fortress of Gramvousa island and the lagoon of Balos, cruises to the gulf of Souda, an excursion to the famous Elafonisi, or the Ancient Polirinia, as well as to other wild rocky, but absolutely beautiful places of our region. You can also visit the gorges of the area like those of Sirikari or Sasalo.

For those who cannot make it without Internet, want to read their e-mails, or just want to play their favorite game, there are PCs available at the reception, which can be also used for the preparation of your visits around the area, through Google Earth. All the area is covered in the parallelogram with the diagonally coordinates: 35 3952.00N, 23 2713.00E and 35 2704.00, 23 5017.54E where you can see various videos which are incorporated by the users.

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